Welcome to Pangeston

paint-ericCv. Bina Maju Abadi PANGESTON with our product name is a company engaged in the field of paint,ink and thinner. The company was established since 1999, our company was initially engaged in the thinner and the first time we are home industry began to make thinner at home, then in 2001 we moved the company or develop into secondary industry and then in 2001 our company is also developing a product to paint and ink. Our company has been producing several types of paint, ink and thinner some kind of customer order is appropriate.

Cv. Bina Maju Abadi (PANGESTON) is a company that until recently a partner or a factory option or a company engaged in the field of bicycles, furniture, ship, stove, tv, alloy wheels, garage, shop building, shoe craftsmen, contractors, warehouses, printing company and other companies. Paint, ink and thinner we made based on customer desires.

“ Just Give The Best “